Barstool Sports was in town for Cheyenne Frontier Days 2019,  and while they were here they wanted to try some of the local cuisines. And it seems that nothing says Wyoming more than a Chinese restaurant.

The Wonton Don and Eddie stopped at Twin Dragon in downtown Cheyenne to try the Crab Rangoon and Pu-Pu Platter. As soon as The Wonton Don sits down he starts to explain his love and passion for Crab Rangoon. But he is a little skeptical getting it from a state that isn't near freshwater.  The Wonton Don soon discovers that Twin Dragon does not call them Crab Rangoon, they call them Fried Crab Meat Cheese Wonton.

The Wonton Don places his order but he does it speaking Chinese and the waitress was thrown off at first but then quickly took his order. Don and Eddie both determine if you have pictures of the meals on the menu then the food should be good.

Once the meal arrived at the table The Wonton Don gave the Crab Rangoon presentation an 8.6 out of 10.

The Wonton Don determined after trying the Crab Rangoon, Twin Dragon has better Rangoon then any other Chinese restaurant in New York. Eddie also claims that the Crab Rangoon at Twin Dragons is better than any place in Chicago where he is from.

Watch the video of The Wonton Don and Eddie enjoying Twin Dragon. The Wonton Don also breaks down how the Crab Rangoon is an American-Chinese food and not an authentic Chinese dish.

WARNING: Watch out for some adult language in the video.

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